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AMULET Futuristic Germicide
Produced with Atoms
The ultimate solution for Bacterial, fungal and viral infections in AquaCulture

Futuristic Germicide produced with atoms
The Challenge
Mortality rate in affected ponds leads in high
The Occurrence of five types of disease: tail necrosis, shell disease, red disease, loose shell syndrome (WGD) is by Vibrio spp. in shrimp from culture ponds. Among these LSS, WGD and red disease caused mass mortalities in shrimp culture ponds.
The diseased shrimp showed symptoms of stunted growth and opaque white gut visible through the transparent cuticle as white steak. The shrimp consumed feed in large quantities and released fecal matter in the form of white fluid material
The Solution
Based on nano technology we developed a shrimp protect liquid, a specific formula containing antimicrobial encapsulated phytoextracts in nano form which can improve growth and survival rate. Aquaculture research tests have shown that a phytogenic solution has the ability to kill several bacteria including Vibrio spp like V. parahaemolyticus etc. Cholera, E coli and it might een stop growth of virus
Dose and Application
Add 10ml AMULET per liter of water to soak 2kg feed Duration 6 to 8 days in all feeds
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