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Dissolved Oxygen Improver in Aqua Ponds

*OXIGAIN is a non-toxic, Biodegradable and cost-effective product specially designed for Aquaculture use.
Specialty formulation consist of Tetra Acetyl ethylene diamine, Sodium Perborate, adsorbents and de-odorizes in suitable concentration.
  • OXIGAIN releases required amount of Oxygen and helps in restoring the pond bottom.
  • OXIGAIN prevents and controls stress occurred to shrimp/ prawn/ fish due to low dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture ponds.
  • OXIGAIN activates the function of probiotics for better bio degradation and sluge consumption which helps for stoppage of production of toxic gases.
  • OXIGAIN prevents the growth of harmful and pathogenic micro-organisms, thereby checks the secondary infection
  • OXIGAIN is specially made for safe use in aquaculture.
OXIGAIN relieves the shrimp of stress immediately.
Shrimps are nocturnal in habit, during the daytime they bury themselves beneath the mud. The abnormal condition of the pond bottom with depleted Oxygen conditions results in restless behaviour in shrimps that forces them to reach the edges of the pond during daytime.
Use Recommendations:
For Shrimp:Low Oxygen level: 500-1000 gm/acre At Molting: 250-500 gm/acre

For Fish: 250-500 gm/acre

Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in pond or consult your aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions

Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacturing

For best results use Ziolit-P before or after OXIGAIN usage.

Storage and Caution:
Highly hygroscopic, keep away from moisture and sunlight (should not be stored after opening).

Store in cool, dry and dark place.
Aquatic Feed Supplement Not for Human Use.
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