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WHISPORID Get Rid of WSS Virus

The Challenge
White spot syndrome virus is one virus of the genus whispovirus (White spot), which is the only genus in the family Nimaviridae. It is responsible for causing white spot syndrome in a wide range of crustacean hosts. White spot syndrome (WSS) is a viral infection of shrimp. The disease is highly lethal and contagious, killing shrimps quickly. The disease is highly virulent and leads to mortality rates of 100% within days in case of cultured shrimps. Clinical signs of WSS include a sudden reduction in food consumption, lethargy, losse cuticle and often reddish discolouration and the presence of white spots of 0.5 to 2.0 mm in diameter on the inside surface of the carapace, appendages and cuticle over the abdominal segments.
The Solution
Strategies for the prophylaxis and control of WSSV theoretically include improvement of environmental conditions, stocking of specific pathogen free shrimp post larvae and enhancement of disease resistance by using antiviral subatance like WHISPORID
WHISPORID is the nano encapsulated plant extract (Sargassumweighti, Ceriopstagal, Phyllanthusamarus and Psidiumgugajava) product which is highly effective against white spot syndrome virus in shrimp. The encapsulation of natural plant exctract will enhance the antiviral activities of the active plant ingredient with excellent bioavailibility and long-term stability.
Mode of Action

  • Viral inactivation due to interaction between the exctract and the envelope protein
  • Influence of the plant exctract on the replication of the virus, which prevents virus multiplication in the host cell
  • Potent immunostimulatory activity
Encapsulated Phytoextracts in Nano Form
Dose and Application
To Control: Add 10ml WHISPORID per liter water to soak 2kg feed for 15-21 days

For Treatment
Add 20ml WHISPORID per liter water to soak 2 kg feed for 7-14 days

For Prevention
Add 2 ml WHISPORID per liter water to soak 2kg feed in first feed till the end of the crop

Tested in (Ref: 1091710686) NCMSL for CAA Approval

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