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Introducing AsCoQ10 with one-of-a-kind Coenzyme technologies and processes for the prevention and control of Metabolic Ascites & SDS in Broilers, first-of-its-kinds in India.
AsCoQ10 is a revolutionary technology that combines of Coenzyme Q10, Selenium Yeast, fortified Vit-C, Vit-E, L- Arginine, Diuretics and Herbal Antioxidants.
Supplementation of Vitamin C and CoQ10 in diet of broilers under cold stress conditions resulted improved performance parameters (body weight and feed conversion ratio) and ascites related traits (low red blood cell count, haematocrit, T3, and heart weights and high T4)

Vitamin E (Vit. E), Vitamin C (Vit. C), Coenzyme Q (CoQ), and other antioxidants have beneficial effects as they scavenge free radicals (Gupta, 2011 , Ruiz -Feria, 2009).
Ascites, one of the most common metabolic disease in broilers, has caused great financial loses to poultry farmers around the world especially in areas with high altitude or cold environment. It occurs more in male, Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen) caused by altitude or gas fumes, Carbon monoxide from brooders, worse in winter (tight House), stress of mycotoxins, toxic fat, increased salt in diet and/or coal tar disinfectants causes Ascites.
According to( Currie (1999) the main reasons of the etiology of ascites could be classified as: pulmonary hypertension, cardiac pathologies, and cellular damage due to oxidative stress caused by increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. Enkvetchakul et al. (1993) verified that chickens with ascites suffered from high oxidative stress. Mitochondrial electron leak and ROS production are increased during hypoxia and ascites (Dawson et al., 1993). ( Tang et al. (2002) also reported high electron leakage in the mitochondria of heart of broilers developing ascites.
Composition of IMPETUS
Each 100gm contains
Coenzyme Q10 10 mg
Selenium Yeast 125 mg
Coated Vitamin C 3 gm
Coated Vitamin E 1.5 gm
L-Arginine 250 mg
Diuretics 200 mg
Calcium Lactate 1.4 gm
Sodium Citrate 5 gm
Sodium Bicarbonate 5 gm
Potassium Carbonate 5 gm
Potassium Chloride 3 gm
Herbal Antioxidants 150 mg
Amla Powder Extract 2 gm
Tulshi Powder Extract 2 gm
Kalonji Powder Extract 2 gm
Garlic Powder Extract 2 gm
Dextrose Q.S.
  • Prevents & Controls Metabolic Ascites in fast growing Broilers
  • Prevents SDS induced mortality in broilers.
  • Helps in successful brooding.
  • Improve FCR.
  • Helps in proper functioning of heart and lungs so boosts internal vitality
A. For Prevention of Ascites
B. For Control during Ascites outbreak
- In brooding 1st, 2nd and 3rd day 1 gm. per 100 Chicks.
- 13th, 14th and 15th day 7 gm. per 100 Birds.
-23rd, 24th and 25th day 20 gm. per 100 Birds.
For best result- use AsCoQ10 in evening hours in drinking water and after hold feed for 2 to 3 hours in night for 2 to 3 days
-1gm. per 3 Kg body weight in drinking water in evening hours and hold feed for 3 hours in the night.
Ascites one ofthe most common metabolic disease in broilers, that must be taken seriously. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended.
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