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 Products For Poultry
Nanobiotechnology Range of Products
Concerns for food safety and environmental conservation are the major focus of poultry industry as constant efforts has been at producing safer human foods from animal sources more efficiently and at lower cost.
Antibiotics used against microbes earlier is now banned. So alternative to antibiotics are of great interest like acidifiers, prebiotics, probiotics etc.
Out of these alternatives to antibiotics, Organic acid in nano encapsulated form is one.
Burning issue in the News about residues of antibiotics in meat.
What is BALA~NRG ?
  • BALA means POWER or STRENTH.
  • BALA~NRG is a new poultry supplement developed based on the latest scientific Nanotechnology Research on Gut health.
  • BALA~NRG is uniquely-formulated with a specific balance of Nano Encapsulated Butyric Acid and Nano Encapsulated Lauric Acid.
Advantages of BALA~NRG ?
  • Improves nutrition uptake.
  • Enhances the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and overall productivity.
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Controls proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Balances proper of gut
  • Safe and beneficial for egg production
  • No residue and is environmental friendly.
  • Removes unwanted micro-organism
  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Improves survival rates of birds.
What are organic acid ?
  • Organic acids are considered to be an organic carboxylic acid, including fatty acids and amino acids.
  • General structure – (R-COOH)
  • Organic acid are widely distributed in nature as normal constituent of plant and animal tissue.
  • They contain molecules of carbon or nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen attached to them
Where do organic acid work ?
Why BALA~NRG is better than normal organic acid ?
  • Nano encapsulation provides high bioavailability compare to normal organic acid.
  • Amongst the organic acids, short chain fatty acids (SCFA) are considered as potential alternative to antibiotic growth promoter
  • Butyric acid is one such SCFA, which has higher bactericidal activity when the acid is undissociated.
  • Bacterial cell take up undissociated fatty acids and once these acids dissociate, there is change in the intracellular pH leading to death of bacterial cells.
  • Butyrate is a preferred source of energy for the enterocytes. This will result in better development of the intestinal villi, and also in stronger gut lining .
  • Butyric acid also appears to play a role in development of the intestinal epithelium
  • It is reported that butyrate derived from the fermentation of non-starch polysaccharides is considered to be important for normal development of epithelial cells with improved gastrointestinal health.
  • The primary fatty acid of coconut oil is lauric acid, which is present at approximately 45–53 %.
  • Coconut oil is rapidly metabolized because it is easily absorbed and lauric acid is easily transported.
  • Lauric acid possessing a large range of pharmacological properties such as bactericidal,fungicidal and virucidal .
Bala-NRG effect on gut
  • Broiler - 100 gm per ton of feed
  • Layer - 150 gm per ton of feed.
  • Breeder - 150 to 200 gm per ton of feed.
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