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Electrosynth A Unique Next levels Rehydration formula Helps Restore Dietary Electrolyte Balance.
An Optimum Concentration of electrolytes is neccessary to maintain the required osmotic pressure through which the acid base equilibrium is achieved. Electrosynth is balanced electrolyte formula with natural source of sodium and potassium re-gulates hydration levels and it improved average daily weight gain of chickens.
Where Nature Meets nurture..
Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, Sulphur and Bicarbonate from ions. According to their electrical charge ions are either cations (+) positive or Anions (-) (negative). This equation articulates the importance of Dietary cation anion balance (DCAB) more popularly known as Dietary Electrolyte Balance (DEB).(Na+ +K+) - (CI- + S=),
Vitamin E (Vit. E), Vitamin C (Vit. C), and other antioxidants have beneficial effects as the scavenge free radicals (Gupta, 2001, Ruiz -Feria, 2009)
Electrosynth is a revolutionary technology that combines fortified coated Vit-C , Vit-E & phytogenic extract, Herbal Antioxidants.
Loss ot electrolyte balance is perhaps the most serious outcome. All the body systems are affected when Dietary Electrolyte Balance (DEB) is lost. The major effect of this is the development of complex alienation of the body chemistry following a rise in the deep body temperature . Normal heat regulating systems are soon overcome, hyperventilation (panting) occurs in an effort to cool the body by evaporation water from the lungs. In continuing hot and humid conditions this fails, there are severe changes in the blood, acid base balance (which is essential for normal functioning) is lost and so is the productivity of enzyme systems within cells.
  • Prevents Dehydration
  • Restore critical electrolytes lost during heat stress.
  • Combat oxidative stress.
  • Optimizes plasma osmolarity
  • Helps in maintaining acid base balance in general and flights heat stess induced alkalosis in specific.
  • Maintain energy level in off feed times.
  • Revitalize bird's health.
  • Increased levels ot corticosteroids in the blood reduce the activity and population of lymphocytes in the blood.
Power of Electrolytes and Phytobiotics
  • Sodium Salicylate
  • Sodium Chroride
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Chroride
  • Calcium Lactate
  • Dextrose
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Coated Vitamin C
  • Coated Vitamin E
  • Phytobiotic Extract
  • Onion powder Extract
  • Garlic Powder Extract
  • Herbal Antioxidants
  • Dextrose
Direction for Use
Electrosynth may be used in the drinking water or in feed. It can be continued until the condition is corrected.

- IN FEED: 1 kg per Tonne of Feed.

- IN WATER: 1-2gm per litre of water during hot time of day or as recommended by consultant or registered veterinary practitioner.

IMPORTANT: In case of severe diarrhoea and threatened dehydration, double the recommended level, giving as much fluid , bird can take. In adding to the drinking water always mix the required amount of ELECTROSYNTH with a small quantity of water first and stir thoroughly. Then add the resulting mixture to the water tanks and again stir thoroughly.

Managing the balance of dietary electrolytes is a key factor in maximizing performance in production-limiting environments. The manipulation of DEB must be carefully controlled.
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