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A Noble form of higher potency Natural Nano-selenium

Superior GREEN Technologym

TRUÈSEL~NPs is SeNP, a component of the enzyme Glutathione peroxidase or GSH-Px, is essential for protecting cellular membranes from being destroyed. GSH-Px destroys the peroxides before they have a chance to cause membranes damage. GSH-Px concentration and activity is directly related to the selenium status of the animal.
Mode Of Action
High biological activity and good absorptive ability due to the interaction between the nanoparticles and –NH2, C=O, - COO, and –C-N- groups of proteins. Reduces the levels of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in plasma, indicating a decrease in lipid peroxidation. Nano Se can directly scavenge free radicals. Excellent bioavailability due to nano form.
Nano-Selenium (SeNPs) Supplementation
Mechanism of Action DWG 195 Nano-selenium particles smaller than 100 nm have greater antioxidant activity than larger particles. Nano-Se particles of size 5-200 nm can directly scavenge free radicals in vitro depending on their size. TruèSel~np provides higher bioavailability for Selenium deposition than organic Se-yeast or inorganic Selenium products and Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) and therefore most appropriate as feed supplement.
  • TruèSel~np is biosynthesis of nano-Se by soil bacterium obtained from a proprietary strain of Pseudomonas putida, to synthesize nano-particles of elemental Se (nano-Se) from selenite.
  • Pseudomonas putida strain of TruèSel~np is safe nonpathogenic bacterium.
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) shows that nano-Se particles synthesized by soil bacterium Pseudomonas putida strain of TruèSel~np have a size range of less than 100 nm.
  • Higher bioavailable nano form allowing animals to fulfil their genetic potential.
  • TruèSel~np provides animal with better oxidative stress protection and immune response.
Improves fertility and hatchability in breeders and prevent reproductive disorders
TruèSel~np protects fatty acids from oxidizing. Essential fatty acids can easily oxidize and become rancid. Sperms are mainly composed of essential fatty acids.
TruèSel~np has protective and beneficial effects on semen quality. TruèSel~np is also needed for production of testosterone. Better hatchability of the eggs and survival rate in chicks. TruèSel~np affect reproductive maturity and growth performance of fishes and also farm animals.
Improves egg, meat and milk quality
Improve egg production and meet freshness and shelf-life. Increase Se content of muscle as much as 2.5 times, improve meet tenderness and increase colouration in the meet enhancing appea l. Increase in natural selenium content of the milk and lower natural somatic cell count (SCC) in the milk
Subsequent reduction in Oxidative stress in the animal leading to
Possible symptoms in affected animals Poultry: Prevent diseases like Exudative diathesis (accumulation of fluid throughout the body, particularly in abdomen and feet), Nutritional muscular dystrophy, poor performance, pancreatic atrophy, encephalomalacia (Crazy chick disease),
Minimises Gangrenous Dermatitis (Wing rot), Reduce acute death syndrome. Improves weight of bursa, spleen and thymus.
Improve performance in high temperatures & high stocking density
Cattle: Prevent White Muscle Disease (WMD), retained placenta, cystic ovarian disease, dystocia and anaemia, insufficient weight.
Swine: Prevent Hepatosis dietetic (degeneration of the liver), mulberry heart disease, nutritional muscular dystrophy. Pigs are more susceptible to swine dysentery when selenium deficient. Horses: Generalized muscle weakness, emaciation, anorexia, 0rapid heart rate and diarrhoea.
TruèSel~np is fully stable under various feed processing conditions and is thermostable at the temperature to which feed is exposed during pelleting (700 to 900 C).
TruèSel~np is fully stable under various feed processing conditions and is thermostable at the temperature to which feed is exposed during pelleting (700 to 900 C).
Physical Characteristics
Colour White to light Beige

 Odor Characteristic odor
 Purity No foreign matter
 Appearance Powder

Recommendation for Use: Poultry, pigs & aqua: 50-150 Gm/MT (equivalent to 0.1-0.3 ppm of Se in a complete feed). Dairy/Beef cattle: 0.1-1.50Gm/ head/day (equivalent to 2-3mg Se/head/day).

Shelf Life: 24 months from Date of Production

Packing: 20 Kg Paper Bag with polyethylene liner

Storage: Keep in cool, dry place, sealed and away from sunlight.
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