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How Does ZOVFACT Function?

3-way protection from Mycotoxins

Sodium Bentonite has been used as a binder and lubricant in pelleted feed (Eman, 2003).
Organic acids, with low molecular weight, are an important class of FUNGISTATs, which inhibit fungal growth (jones et al., 1994).
Copper sulphate acts as antifungal (Fungicide) and mould inhibitor and prevents the toxic molds / fungus to release toxins.
  • Stable during processing and storage
  • Low binding affinity for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Environmentally friendly after excretion
Inclusion Rate
  • Upto 15% of Moisture in Feed 500gm per ton of feed.
  • 15% to 17% of Moisture in Feed 750gm per ton of feed.
  • Above 17% Moisture in Feed 1Kg per ton of feed.
  • 25Kg HDPE Laminated Craft Paper Bags
Shelf Life 36 months
25Kg HDPE Laminated Craft Paper Bags
Strictly not for Human use, For Avian only
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