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Nano - The next big thing is really small.
The Challenge
White spot syndrom (WSS) is a viral infection of shrimp which is highly lethal, contagious and killing shrimps quickly. Outbreaks of this disease have wiped out within a few days the entire population of many shrimp farms throughout the world.
Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) in shrimp is caused by toxin producing Vibro parahaemolyticus bacteria, affecting the intestinal organs of shrimp.
Affected shrimp become lethargic, stop eating, show discolouration, white spots, soft shell and a reduction of the hepatopancreas. Therefor , protecting shrimp against WSS&EMS require a wide-range approach.
The Solution
Based on nano technology we developed a Shrimp Protecting liquid a specific formula containing antioxidants with medium and short chain fatty acids in nano emulsion form which can improve immunity and survical rate. Feeding this product to shrimp reduces the infection rate and thereby lowers mortality caused by WSS, EMS, RMS and other infections.
Encapsulated and orgnified Nano Selenium
Dose and Application
Add 1ml in 1kg feed in all Meals
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