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 Products For Poultry
  • Nanoencapsulated Phytoextract - 76%
  • Silca Nanoparticles - 7 %
  • Zinc Nanoparticles - 15 %
  • Copper Nanoparticles - 2%
The Challenge
  • Respiratory diseases are one of the biggest health challenges faced by poultry producers worldwide, with numerous virulent pathogens both viral and bacterial and often seen in combination, threatening the industrys flocks
  • Chronic respiratory diesease is one of the most common respiratory diseases of poyltry
  • Chronic respiratory disease (CRD) occurs when birds that are infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum are stressed
  • M. gallisepticum can reside in a flock with few indications of its presence until the flock or individuals in it are stressed sufficient to show of respiratory disease
The Solution
AMULET-CQR is a novel combination of nanoencapsulated phytoextracts, Nano silica, nano zinc and nano copper possessing bronchodilator, antitussive, expectorant and decongestant properties and can kill mycoplasma and other poultry respiratory viral pathogen.

AMULET-CQR is useful for prevention and treatment of chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Avian Influenza (AI), Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT), Infectious Coryza (IC) and Associated symptoms vis cough, sneezing, nasal discharge, tracheal rales, gasping, unthriftiness etc.

Broiler (For Prevention) : On 18th - 19th Day - 5ml per liter water on 12rd and 24th day - 5ml per liter water

Broiler (For Curation) : 10 ml per liter water for 3 days

Layer & Breeder (For Prevention) : After 4th Week - 5 ml per liter water

Layer & Breeder (For Curation): 10ml per liter water for 3 days

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