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  • Catabolic condition increases the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) causing increased oxidative stress.
  • Oxidative damage is a strong indicator of health status and wellbeing of animals in relation to sow productivity, aging, stress, nutritional status and disease.
  • Increased oxidative stress is responsible for impaired milk production, reproductive performance and finally longevity of sows.
  • It has seen that sows are under severe catabolic status during late gestation causing increased oxidative stress.
  • Young sows with small voluntary feed intake require different quality of proteins mainly arginine and histidine compared with old sows with good voluntary feed intake.
  • Nano Chromium 0.5%
  • Nano-encapsulated Vitamin C 0.5%
  • Nano Phosphorus 1.5%
  • Blend of Arginine & Histidine amino acids 4.5 %
  • Inert additive material 93%
  • Based on Nano technology we developed FARROW, a specific blend containing Nano Chromium, Nano Phosphorus, Nano-encapsulated Vitamin C and Nano-encapsulated Arginine & Histidine amino acids, which improves sow productivity.
  • Chromium is a component of glucose tolerance factor.
  • Its primary role in metabolism is to enhance the glucose uptake by tissues.
  • Chromium with vitamin C reduces the negative effects of environmental stress, hormonal stress and immune stress.
Loading Period (3 Months) - 200 gm per ton of feed
After Loading period - 100gm per ton of feed
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