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Fowl Adenovirus (FAV)
Ubiquitous in poultry Farms, Affecting domestic species of all ages. Aviadenoviruses are primary pathogens for IBH-HPS (Inclusion Body Hepatitis- Hydro Pericardium Syndrome), also known as "Litchi disease" although co-infection with immunosuppresive viruses, such as infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) or chicken anaemia virus (CAV) has been reported to increase pathogenicity

ADENOSAFE is helpful as supportive care in Viral Outbreaks like IBH, IB, IBD, CIA, LPAI and Marek'S.
ADENOSAFE is a revolutionary technology that combines fortified coated Vit-C, Vit-E and anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic agent, Phytogenic extract of shallots, capsium and garlic, Herbal Antioxidants.
Broiler IBH can occur under two circumstances:
1. IBH adenoviruses may shed from an infected breeder flock into their broiler progeny or
2. Uninfected broiler progeny without material antibody may become infected when placed on a broiler farm harbouring the IBH virus.

Power of

  • Herbal Antioxidants,
  • Phytobiotics,
  • Crude extracts of capsicum, garlic and Shallots,
  • Anti-histaminic and Anti-inflammatory compounds,
  • Anti-oxidants, Vitamins and other supportive compounds
IBH is characterized by sudden increase of mortality. Mortality normally ranges from 2 to 10% . However, there have been outbreaks in which mortality has reached 30% depending of the pathogenicity of the virus, immune status of the affected birds, concurrent secondary infections. Clinically, the birds show lathargy, huddling with ruffled feathers, stooping, inappetence, and yellow and mucoid droppings may be seen. Overall feed conversion and weight gain are usually depressed.
Aviadenoviruses have been most commonly associated with IBH (mainly types D and E), hydropericardium syndrome (type C), gizzard erosions (type A), and respiratory diseases. Aviadenoviruses have also been suspected as a cause of egg production problems in broiler breeder and laying hens (EDS) and viral arthritis/tenosynovitis.
Concept of ADENOSAFE
Aviadenovirus infection outcome is sudden and severe in which primary immune response overwhelm and inflammatory processes certainly overcome the normal working of vital organ such as liver and heart.

Secondary immune response is time taking and short lived but that is part of overall prevention plan against adenovirus infection. Reducing primary immune response and interfering viral replication could be prime target areas which can reduce losses due to sudden mortality.

ADENOSAFE is thereore includes various herbal extracts of different researched herbs that found working against adenovirus in recent researches. It also includes compounds which lower downs primary immune responses and enhances secondary immune responses.
Dosage and Administration
PREVENTION : 1g per 5kg bodyweight in drinking water in 4th week of life (after 21st day vaccine) 3 times in week (i.e. on alternate days)

TREATEMENT: 1 kg per 3 to 4kg bodyweight as per severity of disease and mortality suspected of IBH.

ADENOSAFE is helpful as supportive care in IBH, IBD, and CIA. Use in morning hours in fresh water (this medicated water should be finished within 3 to 4 hours)
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