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 Products For Aqua
Aquatic Range of Products
OXIGAIN Tablet  
Increase & maintain the optimum level of Dissolved Oxygen in Aqua Ponds, Enhance Survival, growth & FCR.
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Natural and safe Solution for Nitrate and Ammonia Binder. Blocks the further production of ammonia. Removes the irritating odour due to ammonia.
ZIOCLIN Granule & ZIOCLIN`P Granule
Time tested Aqua grade Zeolite with Probiotics, Unique Molecular pore structure absorbs toxic gases like Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen Sulphide( H2S), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other toxic gases from water and capable of producing oxygen enriched air water system aeration
NOSTRUM - Granulated Aqua Probiotics
3-in-1 application for Plankton Growth Enhancer, Soil Improver and Water Quality Improver.
AMULET Futuristic Germicide  
Futuristic Germicide, the ultimate solution for Bacterial, fungal and viral Infections in Aqua culture. Proved Against Vibrio Virus.
Innovative Anti-Oxidant, based on Nano technology, Shrimp Protecting Liquid, lowers mortality caused by WSS, EMS, RMS and other infections
WHISPORID Get Rid of WSS Virus
WHISPORID is the nano encapsulated plant extract product which is highly effective against White Spot reSyndrom Virus in Shrimp
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